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Daily Rates

Basic rate $18/night
Public/Christmas/Easter Holidays $20/night
Medications $5-15 per day additional (depending on complexity of administration)
Full Coat Brush $5 daily or $20/week
Nail Trim (We recommend that only indoor cats have their nails trimmed) $10 with boarding. Normally $15!
Daily Cat Treats  (Greenies/Dried Fish) $2/day
Cat Nip Mouse Toy $7/stay
Kong Wobbler Hire (interactive feeder)  $5/stay
Worming – We are happy to worm you cat during their stay at no additional cost other than the worming tablet itself. $1.50-$12.50
Flea prevention – We require all cats to be up to date with flea prevention. If they are not, we can apply a monthly treatment. $18
Feliway: Is your precious puss a little anxious? This is a synthetic pheromone that helps cats relax and lowers their anxiety levels during their stay. We are happy to apply this to their bedding twice daily to help make them feel more comfortable. $4/day

We do not charge extra for exercise time. We believe this should be included in your cats stay. Exercise times depends on the amount of cats in our cattery.

***Free dental checks for all our cat boarders – Please just ask our staff at admit ***

All Cats are required to show current vaccination status upon commencement of stay – we reserve the right to decline accommodation to unvaccinated cats. We always have our boarders best interests first and that is ensuring they stay healthy.

For vaccinations please call the staff at Mermaid Vet Surgery for charges.

Cattery Facilities

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