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Frequently Asked Questions

We feed all our cats Royal Canin premium food during their stay at our cattery. Should your cat have special dietary requirements, you are more than welcome to bring in their favourite food from home.
Our cattery is new, climate controlled and managed by veterinarians and nurses. We like to think that there is no safer environment for your cat than at Mermaid Vet Cattery. Please feel free to come in and inspect it for yourself!
It is a requirement that all our guests are currently up to date with vaccination. We recommend an F3 vaccination yearly. Should your cat not be up to date, just make an appointment and our veterinarians can perform a thorough health check and vaccination for you and your feline friend. Please be aware there is a 2 week time frame before admit to cattery for cats that are not up to date with vaccinations.
All our cats get time in the play area every day. The play area has lots of cat toys and scratching posts to entertain and challenge our guests, as well as windows to safely watch the world go by.
All our cats are kept in separate enclosures during their stay. During play time, your cat gets sole custody of the play area, without contact with other cats. Is your cat a little anxious? Don’t worry we won’t force them to come out for play time if they don’t want to. We can also offer feliway for these anxious kitties to help relax them during their stay.
During the evening and weekends, the cattery is under video surveillance, fed live to Stephen and Amy’s own home. This video link is also available on Stephen’s mobile phone, so your cat can be checked on anytime, anywhere by our principal veterinarian. Staff members come in on a Sunday to look after your fur baby but unfortunately as the clinic is closed we can not do admits or discharged from our cattery on a Sunday.
Every cat is managed on an individual basis. Our enclosures are safe from other guests and all cats are kept separate, even at play time. Be it a specific diet, administration of medication or anything else, we can tailor our care to your cat’s needs; all you have to do is let us know what they are.
Although we make every attempt to ensure this does not happen, there is no better place to be a sick cat than at the vet. It is the attention to detail and training of our team that can allow us to detect and resolve any problems early. We keep a daily chart on what your pets habits are during their stay. We will always contact you should there be any problem to ensure you are made aware and kept up to date. Not contactable while you’re away? That’s ok we will call your alternative contact person until we can get in touch with you. You can also leave us an e-mail address if you’re out of phone reception.
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